Short Film No. 2

It is amazing how quickly a year goes by. My first short film was released in Feb. 2017 and I thought that for certain I would have made another film by now. Finding the right story to tell next was a longer process than I had hoped, but fortunately I believe I have finally found the one.

Coming Soon...

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Cinephilia & Beyond Review

A huge thanks to the folks over at Cinephilia & Beyond for the kind and thoughtful review. C&B is my favorite film website in all of the internet. I've spent many an hour reading articles, interviews, and scripts on some of my favorite movies. Honored and thankful to be included in their short film section. Check out the film, review, and interview right here. Then go dive into all of their amazing behind-the-scenes articles.

New Work: Missio Hair

I'm extremely grateful to have played a small part in the launch of Missio Hair. To see Kyle and Lorin Van Zandt bring their vision to life has been inspiring. Head over to to learn more about their hair products as well as their purpose to help in the fight against human trafficking. Missio Founders Kyle & Lorin are the real deal. Thank you for inviting me along on the journey!

Here it is. "Happy Birthday, Barbara"

After months of post-production, I am thrilled to say that "Happy Birthday, Barbara" is finally here. Huge thanks to all of the talented people that came together to bring this film to life. I hope this will be the first of many.

Featured on Film Shortage

Huge thanks to the folks over at Film Shortage for featuring the teaser for "Happy Birthday, Barbara". We are in the middle of mixing the film right now and hope to release within the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

New Short Film

We have recently wrapped production on my newest short film, "Happy Birthday, Barbara." The film is currently in post-production and will be released in the late fall of 2016.